Thursday, December 15, 2011

I need Help....Ideas......

Okay so I was down in my craft room thinking on how I really want to have a studio upstairs and found these handles  I bought like forever ago... omg these are great how could I ever forget about these... And then it hit me... I got them on clearance at Jo Ann Fabrics for 97 cents and after I got them home I could not find the perfect pattern or idea for them, so like many things it got forgotten about until just now... Then I was like I know my blogging family can help me they are full of great ideas and creativity.. So here I am begging you all for some ideas...Please Help.....

Recent projects and finds....

I have been away for a short time.. Yes I been quietly sitting and reading all the great blogs I follow.. It's like my daily newspaper for me.. What great things I have seen... Many more things added to my I wanna do list... I have also been researching ETSY and have an account from years ago and thinking if this is something I really want to do again, or do I just enjoy the part of giving little gifts... Still the decision is up in the air not sure.. What do you all think about it.. I think I will have a hard time parting with most my lovelies I make... This morning I had some errands to do, one of them dropping Debbi's square off at the post office I nearly forgot about it until I received her beautiful square a few days back along with some adorable buttons.. Thank you Debbi:)

I went to the craft show with my good friend a few weeks ago and look at what I found.. My hubby is a Lions and Red Wings fan so this was perfect coasters for him..

Also I made this great little doilie for our night stand

And this morning I worked up this cute little soap saver I think I am going to make another one for my moms Christmas basket..
So now it's back to do some more hooking... Take care everyone...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

crochet poem

Crochet Headaches

Crochet patterns, Crochet yarn
Crochet hooks and such.

I can hardly wait to create

I love to crochet so much.

Patterns here , patterns there

Patterns patterns every where.

Which one should I do today,

one forwear or one for play.

Trying to decide once more,

should I make one or should I make four.

Why not a fridgie, how 'bout a hat?

Should I make this or should I make that?

Decisions, decisions what do I do?

Make a potholder, or should I make shoes?

Oh but the color, red, white or blue

Someone please help me I'm counting on you.

Sometimes I wonder why I love it so.

I guess it's the challenge

Could be, don't you know.

copyright ©1984 Jeanette Autrey

Friday, December 2, 2011

Using up my Stash:)

As you all have seen in my earlier post I have a lot of yarn.. A NICE BIG STASH. So I keep telling myself you really need to use up this yarn, I think I am having separation anxiety when I think about it. So as I was crocheting up my 6 inch granny square for a swap I'm doing with   and I was thinking why not start another WIP, yes another one to add to my collection, and start making squares up to make a blanket or something.. So here is my start so far. The great thing about making the squares are I feel like I have accomplished something  though I do feel quilty when I see my other WIP under the end table calling out to me for some attention. Oh is the life of a crocheter hahahhah...

Momma's Dusters

Okay so I have been holding out on you.. Yes i admit it... I'm sorry but the best part is that I am sharing with you now.. My mom over the summer crocheted me up some cute little dusters to make house work a little more fun.. Aren't these just adorable she calls the girl Henrietta and the boy Harriett.. How cute.. Not to mention my son loves to do the dusting with them.. They are completely safe to use with pledge and the best part they are machine washable.. I had thought of  trying to copy her pattern and make some of these as gifts for Christmas, as I have a mile long I wanna make list going on in my head. What do you all think about these cute little helpers?

                                                  My little man dusting up his room:)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Charity Scarves!!!!

A few more scarves done for the homeless shelter. With my huge stash of yarn I thought I would get busy using some up for a great donation. My sweet neighbor donates  two days a week at the shelter volunteering in the kitchen and graciously passes my scarves out for me.  I also like to keep a few with me in the car so if I see someone  freezing I will stop and give them a scarf and any change in my pocket.  I feel so great joy when I see a huge smile upon their faces sometimes they don't speak but their smile says it all.


WOW what a truly great Thanksgiving with the family...So nice to hear the laughter of all the kids and the chitter chatter with all the family this was truly a great day.  Today is sunny and pretty warm ,so since the busy Turkey Day is over I finally have great sunshine to take some pics.. I'm sure my camera is good just very confusing and I have not got use to all the settings.. This is a glimpse at my wip blanket I started and seem to have no time for. It's ment to work up fast and be a four hour afghan, well not for me... I'm using two strands of acrylic yarn black and sunshine print.. I love that name... I'm working two double crochets in one stitch then skip a stitch and two double crochets in the next and so forth...with my favorite size 9.00 mm crochet hook helping me... I made a blue and white one for hubby last year and we all seem to fight over it, they are very warm and with the cold creeping up on us I thought another one is in order, since I have all boys and I'm the only girl in the house if I made it pretty girly colors the boys would not touch it.. I will let you know if my hidden plan

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pretty Hooks

I love making these pretty little handles for my crochet hooks...VERY ADDICTING I must warn you... I found this great idea when visiting a blog I read all the time.. shes very intresting and has a ton of inspiration to share with will also find the easy directions on her site to make these.. They are made from polymer clay which I never tried until the other day... I so enjoyed creating these little darlings...You will also find a great giveaway contest on her page also.. So here is what mine turned out to be not bad for a first timer, makes crocheting even more fun..I would have to say the pink and gray one is my favorite..So what are you waiting for get busy and start creating.. Just remember I warned you this is very addiciing...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Punky Pumpkin Gloves

Punky pumpkin gloves

Punky pumpkin gloves

I'm just so excited!!! I seen a pair of these gloves on the Internet and just had to have them,,,, so I ran to my yarn stash, grabbed me hook, got some felt from my momma and away I went... I'm so happy how they turned out... I wish I would of seen them sooner so I would of got longer to wear them this year... but rest assure I will put these prettiest away til next year...hmmm maybe a matching punky pumpkin scarf is in the works...have a punky pumpkin day everyone:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A glimpse at my yarn stash:)

Finally the rain has stopped and the sun is shinning...Yea!!!!I am in the process of getting my craft room put together so I thought I would share a glimpse of my yarn stash...I've been putting some of this yarn to good use by making scarves for the homeless, I'm gonna keep a box of hat and scarves to give to either homeless freezing people i see walking the streets or when I'm by the local shelter stop and drop some off... Now what to do with the rest of my craft room its in need of some real help....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

These boots where made for walking...

Hello, yes its been awhile since my last post.. I have finally managed to make Landyn his slippers he's been long awaiting and now the oldest one wants a pair and who knows I think I have some cute super soft pink yarn I may make my self a pair.. The weather is getting more brisk so perfect timing... Fall is my favorite time of the year, makes me want to get out my snugly afghans and my crochet hook and yarn with a good movie and create away...
I also had a little dishcloth crocheting frenzy going on and sent some surprises goodies to my loved ones.. I also have the urge to brighten up my closet with some new scarves ohhhhh if only my hands could crochet as I look at the fall towels I bought waiting for the crochet tops to be put on them...heheheh oh well at least I will never be bored... Guess I should get going and get some of these projects out of the way...

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Day at Mary Maxim

One of my favorite places to go is Mary Maxim in Port Huron mi... I just was there a few days ago with my favorite crocheting cuz. It's huge so many craft projects all under one roof and the crocheting books and yarn they have are awsome. I usually walk out of there with two huge bags but trust me with my yarn stash I only bought two rolls of cotton yarn so I could make some more crocheted dish clothes. I also bought this new crochet book called Unexpected Crochet for the Home by Lena Maikon. It has a really neat idea in it for making a rug by crocheting over looks like a easy great pattern. And I bought some charms to crochet some bracelets. Just as soon as I get these done I will post pics not sure how long this will take lol. So many projects started just need to get them wrapped up now. I would love to see all your projects I need some inspiration so pls pls share with me. Happy crocheting all u hookers.

Sponge Bob pillow

Awhile ago I made this Sponge Bob pillow for my littlest son and as soon as my sister in law seen it she had to have one was a big hit...I love just sitting and crocheting things up, I love the smile it puts on ppl faces when they receive it. Now the pillow for my son is forever sleeping with him... Today I'm working on a tote from a free pattern my mom sent me. It's like a beach tote it doesn't call for lining but I think I'm gonna line it. My mother also gave me a great idea for the lining,she said to use a pillow case. It should work perfect. The handles will be rope and in using earth tone cotton yarn. I will have to post pics as soon as I get it done....thanks mom for the great idea:).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Really cool site This website is such a reallycool idea. I have so much yarn and this would be a way of giving back. Not to mention putting a smile on someones face. I'm not even sure how I stumbled a crossed it. I've been crocheting little animals for the boys and pillows and they enjoy it so much. Now gotta go look at some of my books and get started.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bibs Crocheted

Well its been so snowy and miserable here so I decided to get the yarn and needle out to make some quick projects.. I made these bibs I found the pattern free on line and I think they are adorable... I made a chicky,frog which in the pic looks blue but he is green and I made a bunny and my favorite sponge bob... What will my little mind come up with next.... Still working on my craft room I am awaiting the carpenter to come build me some shelves to store all my stuff in then I can just create away... Have a great day all I will post pics when my room is all done...