Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recent projects and finds....

I have been away for a short time.. Yes I been quietly sitting and reading all the great blogs I follow.. It's like my daily newspaper for me.. What great things I have seen... Many more things added to my I wanna do list... I have also been researching ETSY and have an account from years ago and thinking if this is something I really want to do again, or do I just enjoy the part of giving little gifts... Still the decision is up in the air not sure.. What do you all think about it.. I think I will have a hard time parting with most my lovelies I make... This morning I had some errands to do, one of them dropping Debbi's square off at the post office I nearly forgot about it until I received her beautiful square a few days back along with some adorable buttons.. Thank you Debbi:)

I went to the craft show with my good friend a few weeks ago and look at what I found.. My hubby is a Lions and Red Wings fan so this was perfect coasters for him..

Also I made this great little doilie for our night stand

And this morning I worked up this cute little soap saver I think I am going to make another one for my moms Christmas basket..
So now it's back to do some more hooking... Take care everyone...


  1. Great coasters - a perfect gift for a man. Love the doily and the soap saver. :)

  2. Love the doily and soap saver!!

    I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. I do find it time consuming and not very profitable. That being said I do get a thrill when every once in a while I will have a sale. I think it's affordable and Lord knows I'm on there all throughout the day. I am always seeing something I like to add to my favorites. You can always post some items and others leave for yourself to give as gifts. I did have a sale from someone who had seen a gift I had given a friend and my friend referred her to my Etsy shop. Just food for thought.

  3. Ty Red. I did go ahead and post a few things on there.. Your right for as cheap as it is, it's not a huge loss.. Yes I guess a love hate relationship is a great thought... Thanks for your advice... I would to see your shop ...

  4. Great to receive from another blogging friend.. Debi's work is beautiful..
    I haven't tried ETSY for selling although I do have a spot on an Australian site
    At the moment my shop is quite empty LOL....... I need to make more.. Babys things sell very well ..
    Hope you are having a blessed Christmas Day :))