Monday, June 6, 2011

A Day at Mary Maxim

One of my favorite places to go is Mary Maxim in Port Huron mi... I just was there a few days ago with my favorite crocheting cuz. It's huge so many craft projects all under one roof and the crocheting books and yarn they have are awsome. I usually walk out of there with two huge bags but trust me with my yarn stash I only bought two rolls of cotton yarn so I could make some more crocheted dish clothes. I also bought this new crochet book called Unexpected Crochet for the Home by Lena Maikon. It has a really neat idea in it for making a rug by crocheting over looks like a easy great pattern. And I bought some charms to crochet some bracelets. Just as soon as I get these done I will post pics not sure how long this will take lol. So many projects started just need to get them wrapped up now. I would love to see all your projects I need some inspiration so pls pls share with me. Happy crocheting all u hookers.