Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Punky Pumpkin Gloves

Punky pumpkin gloves

Punky pumpkin gloves

I'm just so excited!!! I seen a pair of these gloves on the Internet and just had to have them,,,, so I ran to my yarn stash, grabbed me hook, got some felt from my momma and away I went... I'm so happy how they turned out... I wish I would of seen them sooner so I would of got longer to wear them this year... but rest assure I will put these prettiest away til next year...hmmm maybe a matching punky pumpkin scarf is in the works...have a punky pumpkin day everyone:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A glimpse at my yarn stash:)

Finally the rain has stopped and the sun is shinning...Yea!!!!I am in the process of getting my craft room put together so I thought I would share a glimpse of my yarn stash...I've been putting some of this yarn to good use by making scarves for the homeless, I'm gonna keep a box of hat and scarves to give to either homeless freezing people i see walking the streets or when I'm by the local shelter stop and drop some off... Now what to do with the rest of my craft room its in need of some real help....