Monday, October 18, 2010

Cross bone Skull Blanket

Okay I just had to share with you another great project I have done.. I crocheted this blanket for my daughter and cross stitch the cross bone and her name on it.. It turned out so great... It is so sunny and beautiful out a good day to take pics... Let me know what you all think of it.. My first attempt at making my fingerless gloves was a disaster so I will try again with thinner yarn this time.. I am not one to give up... I also have a black and red granny square blanket in the works for my older son... Pics soon to come on that one...


  1. did you map the design or did you do the whole blanket with the border and then add the design to it?

  2. I crocheted the yellow first then did my design then crocheted around with the black and the again with the yellow....hope this make sense to you..if you need more let me know...