Monday, June 6, 2011

Sponge Bob pillow

Awhile ago I made this Sponge Bob pillow for my littlest son and as soon as my sister in law seen it she had to have one was a big hit...I love just sitting and crocheting things up, I love the smile it puts on ppl faces when they receive it. Now the pillow for my son is forever sleeping with him... Today I'm working on a tote from a free pattern my mom sent me. It's like a beach tote it doesn't call for lining but I think I'm gonna line it. My mother also gave me a great idea for the lining,she said to use a pillow case. It should work perfect. The handles will be rope and in using earth tone cotton yarn. I will have to post pics as soon as I get it done....thanks mom for the great idea:).


  1. This is so cute. My grandson James loves Spongebob. :)

  2. Everyone in my family ended up wanting one, by the time I got done I was so sick of spongebob lol