Friday, November 25, 2011


WOW what a truly great Thanksgiving with the family...So nice to hear the laughter of all the kids and the chitter chatter with all the family this was truly a great day.  Today is sunny and pretty warm ,so since the busy Turkey Day is over I finally have great sunshine to take some pics.. I'm sure my camera is good just very confusing and I have not got use to all the settings.. This is a glimpse at my wip blanket I started and seem to have no time for. It's ment to work up fast and be a four hour afghan, well not for me... I'm using two strands of acrylic yarn black and sunshine print.. I love that name... I'm working two double crochets in one stitch then skip a stitch and two double crochets in the next and so forth...with my favorite size 9.00 mm crochet hook helping me... I made a blue and white one for hubby last year and we all seem to fight over it, they are very warm and with the cold creeping up on us I thought another one is in order, since I have all boys and I'm the only girl in the house if I made it pretty girly colors the boys would not touch it.. I will let you know if my hidden plan

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