Wednesday, October 27, 2010

yeah my scarf is done!

How warm and cozy it turned it.. I made it out of that pomp a doodle yarn using the avalanche color.. omg its so cozy it would be so great to make a blanket out of this... I bought this yarn at Mary Maxim in port Huron what a great store think I should make another run out there... Have a great day all my friends...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cross bone Skull Blanket

Okay I just had to share with you another great project I have done.. I crocheted this blanket for my daughter and cross stitch the cross bone and her name on it.. It turned out so great... It is so sunny and beautiful out a good day to take pics... Let me know what you all think of it.. My first attempt at making my fingerless gloves was a disaster so I will try again with thinner yarn this time.. I am not one to give up... I also have a black and red granny square blanket in the works for my older son... Pics soon to come on that one...

Bella's hats are done

Look how cute! Baby Bella's hats are done and ready to ship I just have to hope now that they fit her... I hope so if they do plenty more comming.... Thinking of maybe making little mitten and scarf for her to...

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Pure Crochet Happiness

Well today as I sit by the window and look at the gray sky smelling the rain I can't help to think of crocheting something warm... So today I started making a pair of fingerless gloves... I have been looking for sometime on the Internet for a good instructions on making them and have decided to just wing it.. My daughter who is seventeen and of course knows it all asked me why would you want fingerless gloves whats the point in it.. I said because I love them how can you argue with that. I spent the morning gazing in the yarn section at Jo Ann fabrics and found a soft yarn by Vanna... I will be adding pics soon as today is my first
time ever doing a blog this is all new to me so bare with me as I start this new journey...

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Logans Granny square crochet blanket

Yea! I am so happy I finally got Logan's blanket done and it only took two weeks..He loves it... I made it with red and black red heart yarn... Now just have to finish Bellas hats and send them off and start on hubby's blanket.. I think I am going to just do a striped blue double crochet one for him... Hope you all are having a great day.. The weather here today is cloudy and cold typical Michigan weather... Well I am off to get crocheting...