Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Favorite.....

Happy Friday everyone...Still Nasty and cold outside so todays Friday Favorite that I am going to share with you is my homemade veggie soup and triple rich chocolate cake both made in a crock pot..
The veggie soup is really simple and just tossed together..I use a large can of tomatoes sauce and a large can of diced tomatoes..Cut up my carrots and celery no onion cause I am allergic to onions but you could..Throw a can of corn and two cans of mixed veggies and use stir fry beef cubed up..Toss all together with seasoning of your choice, I use a lot... I use grarlic pepper, seasoning salt, beef cubes about 5, some celery salt and fill rest of crock pot with water and let go all day at least 6 hours..yummy and makes the large crock pot full...
My next yummy crock pot favorite is from the book 101 things to with a slow cooker..This book is a life saver...and since I am such a sweet lady I will share the recipe with you..It's called Triple Rich Chocolate cake.. Here we go

1 box of devil's food cake
4 eggs
1 cup of light sour cream
3\4 cup of vegetable oil
1 cup of water
1 (3oz) package of instant chocolate pudding
1 cup of chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients by hand in a 2quart mixing bowl..Pour batter into a greased 31/2 to 5 quart slow cooker. Cover and cook on low heat 5-6 hours or until done in center..Do not cook on high heat.. serves 8-10 It says its important to combine all ingredients by hand and not with a mixer..

and of course since I am taking the easy way for dinner why not some Rhodes frozen bread..You get three loafs and you just set out a loaf in the morning to rise and now fresh baked bread to go with the soup,,,yeah easy cooks in 20 min,,smells like you baked bread all day heheheh note mine is not risen all the way....
and this is the book I so love on this crappy rainy cold Friday... Hope you enjoyed...


  1. I would never have thought to make a cake in a crock pot but would love to give this a try, I'm a huge fan of chocolate cake lol, do you think yoghurt would work instead of the sour cream :)

  2. Its so good and moist...I'm not sure if yogurt could be used instead but I would try it....have a great day:)thanks for stopping by

  3. Just found your blog - I am intrigued by a cake made in a slow cooker. Great blog xx