Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday

Good Monday morning everyone...Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine has been very busy, my oldest son and his girlfriend is visiting from Indiana and will be here til August 3rd so life in my crochet happiness is a little on the chaotic side..But it's nice to visit with him. We spent the weekend at the beach and the water park. Today is a lazy relax day, so I thought I would update you on my scarves, 9 done and one in progress on the hook.
I am so over joyed with the support I am receiving thank you all!! Big hugs to you..I also crocheted a doily for my bathroom,
 I was feeling a little blah when I was in the bathroom so off to Joanns fabric store and picked up some material and started sewing, which led to Targets to get a new curtain for the shower..
  Oh and this really cute Toilet paper holder I sewed up to..I did it in chocolate brown I think  I am trying to hurry Fall along..It's been very hot and humid here and I am ready for Fall.oh how I love nap time, little man is going to be four tomorrow so I am sure nap time will be coming to end soon....Well enough rambling on I hope you all have a great day...


  1. Love the scarves! You are really doing a great job. They are going to be a big hit!!

  2. You're doing great with the scarves Christy - and your new bathroom items look pretty. :)

  3. The touch up's in the BR are great. I adore the toilet paper holder..need to look into one of those..might teach others in the house to replace an empty roll..

  4. Thank you Mary, I wish it would get people to restock the roll,but in my house it's not the case...I think I'll have to have a demo for my family. Hahaha...